Friday, August 25, 2006

Who is Edward R. Hamilton?

This post is not, strictly speaking, about a book, yet it is hemisemidemi-qualified for TeaReads. There is a book catalogue - - yes, the old-fashioned, mail-order kind - - to which I've subscribed for several years. It is a collection of recent publications (within the past couple of years), older books and things you never heard, plus a few items you'll wish you never heard of. There is also an adults-only section.
This catalogue has a Website:
I do not use the Website because there is a (small) surcharge, and because I am so fond of mail-order purchases, but it does offer a larger selection than does the paper catalogue.
After beginning a new job this week, I sent a small order to Edward R. Hamilton. I find it takes about two weeks from the day I pop my order into the mail until the day I lug the new books off my doorstep and into my house. The shipping charge is always $3.50, a steal for large and/or heavy orders. Most of the prices are discounted, and the books' conditions are noted, as some may be shopworn.There is quite a variety available from ERH. Over the years, I have purchased the biography of John Adams, two compendia of Charles Addams cartoons, a cookbook, an illustrated guide to physical therapy exercises, a murder mystery and a book on quilting, among others. There are coffee table books, including one I covet (a book on the art of Klimt), weird and bizarre books, children's books, videotapes, DVDs, cassette tapes and more. Even if you purchase nothing, you'll enjoy browsing.

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Daniel Kian said...

I received my first Hamilton catalogue in the early '80s.

Hamilton used to list more titles in a catalogue back them (perhaps in part an artefact of changes in tax law that were affecting publisher inventories), and there were no pictures, so the catalogue was more of a challenge.

But in that very first catalogue I found a listing for a book for which (in those days before to-day's WWWeb) I had fruitlessly searched (Richard Hooker's Of the Lawes of Ecclesiastical Politie). I think that it cost me $2.50, plus the fixed shipping charge (then $3.00).

The Hamilton catalogue still has genuine bargains in every new issue, but I rather miss the days when there were more books listed.