Sunday, December 31, 2006

Spam poetry? Really?

I get a fair amount of spam, and some of the subject lines are funny. Sometimes I send them to amuse TeaBird. She had a brilliant suggestion: collect spam subject lines and arrange them into poetry! I decided to make them into spamkus, that is, spam haikus. Here, Dear Reader, is my first effort, a poem which is fitting for New Year's Day.
"Look at this. Throw down
your doubts and fast join us. Pray
thee, scale greater heights."
Watch this space for more spamkus.
May you be blessed with all you need and lots of what you want this New Year.
(Moon Rani)


Anonymous said...

SPAMKUS! I love it! How creative of you! Happy New Year Moon Rani!

Heather said...

Thank you for your comment, I will be reading your blog, too, now.

I loved the post about large print reading - I am about to order a large-print Bible, too, (also suffer from presobia - well I am Diane's mother!) Diane introduced me to Cadfael last year and my library has most of them in large print - how wonderful is that!

Watch out for more thoughts on Australian Christmas on my blog.

Moon Rani said...

OBG, thank you! Happy New Year to you, too!

Heather of Oz, thank you! Haven't read Cadfael, but have heard good things about the series.
I look forward to reading more about Christmas in Oz.

Heather said...

presyopia - how embarrassing! Diane would have rung me to point it out!

Will post more about our Christmas when the situation re fires allows us more time for literary pursuits.

For my necessary flat on the back time I am reading "The Story of God", by Robert Winston, given to me by my older son for Christmas. Fascinating.

Moon Rani said...

No embarrassment over a typo, Heather. I hope the fire situation has improved!
I haven't heard about "The Story of God," but will look it up. It's an intriguing title.

Melanie said...

'Spamkus" -- that has to be one of the funniest things I've read lately. Keep them coming; at last someone has found a use for spam!