Thursday, February 15, 2007

TBR bonus post - A.S. Byatt's Workspace

I love to see how/where writers write, don't you?

Here's a link to
A.S. Byatt's writing room -- a Victorian attic, glass paperweights, room to write by hand -
and magpies outside her window...


MizB said...

Hey Teabird -- Thanks for the comment on my blog (about the Creative ZEN Mp3 player)...

The library's e-audiobook system is a big reason why I'm leaning towards Creative instead of the iPod! That, and sites like (that aren't iPod compatible). ;o)

Plus, like you, I like that the ZEN comes in neat colors... like BLUE! ;o)

<>< Mizbooks

Paula said...

Wow that is a nice writing room.
I recently picked up a book called
'Garden Rooms' by Ogden Tanner.
Fantastic photos and plans of all different kinds of garden rooms.
I have visualized my own writing room from the ideas in that book.
Oh and I would also need a separate garden room for reading too.
(To keep the energy contained for each activity) ;)