Thursday, March 22, 2007

Booking through Thursday

Booking through Thursday

Short Stories? Or full-length novels?
Usually, full-length novels (or chunky biographies), but when I get on a short-story kick (as I have been, lately), I'll read every story I can find by the author who has, as it were, kicked me. Lately, it's been Katherine Mansfield. It'll be Ann Beattie soon (again), as I will be reading Follies
for the TBR Challenge.

And, what's your favorite source for short stories?
Although I often begin to read the short stories in "The New Yorker," I rarely love them. The Best American anthologies are excellent if you want to discover new short story writers. (In fact, you can't go wrong with anything in that series - poetry, essays, science writing, etc.)



Paula said...

I love short stories and my all time favorite is 'The Hunting of The Snark'.

I used to read The New Yorker when I lived out east.
I haven't read an issue in many years.
I will have to go to the library and hunt down a copy.
I have also been a long time fan and subscriber of
The Atlantic Monthly and also since
I have a love of mysteries I am also a long time subscriber to The Ellery Queen Magazine.

Joy said...

Hi Melanie! Welcome to the Non-Fiction Five Challenge. I'm glad you are joining us. :)

I linked your blog to your name on Mr. Linky; however, when you get a list together it can link to that instead. Whenever you're hurry.

I look forward to seeing your choices. Happy hunting!