Sunday, April 13, 2008

" I roll"

funny dog pictures
see more loldogs ask - i can has hotdog?
Visit This month's animal charity is Rolling Dog Ranch, a sanctuary for disabled animals which has been mentioned on this blog several times. While you're at Etsy looking around, be sure to see the striking print of a macrophoto of tea leaves by artbysusmitha. You'll drool for it. This being TeaReads, tea is close to our hearts. It reminds me of my own visit to a tea plantation decades ago.

With items priced from $5 and up, there is something for every budget. Not only does each item make a wonderful gift, but the proceeds go to care for animals who have had very hard lives before finding a loving home at Rolling Dog Ranch.

N.B., the photo used on this blog is not from RDR. It comes from RDR does, however, have two (to my knowledge) genuine "rolling dogs" equipped like the one in this photo.

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Susmi said...

Hey thanks so much for mentioning my Tea Leaves photo and for featuring EFA in your blog!!! :)
The EFA store has been doing really well and we're so happy to see what we're raising for the animals each month thanks to all the donators/member/buyers!!

Susmitha :)