Sunday, June 01, 2008

A Sunday cup of tea

Let me suggest another summer tea delight, as a follow-up to my earlier review of Twining's of London's Tastes of Summer black tea. Do also try Twining's of London's Four Red Fruits black tea! The label says it contains "blended black teas, artifical and natural flavourings, cherry, redcurrant, respberry and strawberry pieces."
Once again, my dear Friend sampled tea with me, and, once again, it appealed to Friend enormously. This is also a tea labled "medium flavour strength," making it ideal for sensitive palates and for summer sipping. The red currants and the raspberries stop the tea becoming overly sweet; instead it is a delightful, light blend of black tea accented with subtle fruitiness, rather a bit more so than the Tastes of Summer has. It is, like that tea, perfect for keeping in tall, frosty pitchers in the refrigerator and for serving at summer tea parties. But this die-hard hot tea drinker will have it steaming. No matter where I have lived or visited, I have never known it be too hot or sultry for hot tea.
Another point in the Twining's of London teas is that they are found readily in most grocery stores, and at affordable prices. Despair not if your store does not carry it, however, and order it online at
Would you like to lace your hot tea with an opulent flower? Then I recommend basswood honey. Try it first on your tongue to savor its full delights. Then add lashings of it in your tea, on warm tea cakes or onto fruit for a truly sensational treat.

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teabird said...

This tea sounds really delicious - hot, of course!