Friday, August 08, 2008


BBB is big, beautiful Blanca, a deaf and blind Great Dane that lives at Rolling Dog Ranch, a sanctuary for disabled animals in Montana. The cats, dogs and horses enjoy life there where they are accepted and loved just as they are. The best of medical care is given them along with treats and toys and lots of blog coverage [].
The ranch is supported wholly with donations from the public. The founders, Mr. Steve Smith and Ms. Alayne Marker, have hearts as big as the Big Sky country where they live. It shows in their blog posts, updated five days/week by Mr. Smith.
Blanca is a special favorite of mine, and I just had to share her gorgeous picture with you. She has a funny habit of dragging her bed around the outdoor area to sleep now here, now there, now somewhere else. I think it may be because she can lift her big, beautiful head to inhale the different scent pools in different areas.

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