Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Bags or leaves?

Yesterday's post covered the "reads" portion of this blog's name, which leaves the second portion, "tea," for today. Given my choice of tea, I prefer loose leaves to bags every time. However, there are many good - - very good - - teas that are available in bags only. My current reading list features, in addition to Wuthering Heights, Rick Coleman's new biography of Fats Domino, Blue Monday. If you, too, would enjoy reading about this overlooked founding father of rock and roll, I humbly suggest doing so while sipping a cup of The Republic of Tea's Wild Blueberry. It's a good pairing in color and in taste.
If you are in the middle of Wuthering Heights at this time, I suggest either a good English Breakfast tea (TheRepublic of Tea makes one such, British Breakfast) , or a standard, hearty cuppa - - PG Tips is an excellent choice to fortify you to tramp through the moors, and as a restorative after all those fevered longings.
I am sure that more tea and book pairings shall arise as we read and blog. What do you sip while you read?

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Veggies,Yarns&Tails said...

Give me a good strong cup of Earl Grey or milder Chai...any day.

I have actually made my own tea bags a couple of times, iron and seal kind, too funny. :)