Thursday, April 19, 2007

Dystopian challenge

Have you seen this?

Dystopian Challenge

Heaven help me, I just joined.
My selections:

P.D. James - Children of men

Margaret Atwood - Oryx and Crake
Kurt Vonnegut - Cat's cradle
Philip Dick - Do androids dream of electric sheep?



Lisa said...

Glad to have you join! I can't wait to see your list.

Bridget said...

Face it, you're just a reading challenge whore! (But I guess if one has to embrace whoredom at all, this would be the kind to embrace ... )

Melanie said...

I was looking at this challenge too, but think I have too many on the go currently! I did just post a list of some of the dystopian novels I've read, though. James and Atwood figure on it!