Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Over the teacups with TeaReads

Although I disdain teas labled "artificially flavoured," I must admit to enjoying Twinings of London's Tastes of Summer Black Tea. The label says it is "fine black tea with a delicate and refreshing mix of fruits and flowers." I love the tastes of flowers, so that sold me.
The tea box says it is a "medium flavour strength" tea, but I would call it a mild tea. The black tea dominates pleasantly while the strawberry and orange peel add gentle, pleasant enhancement. And the flowers, what about those? The marigold petals are listed last on the ingredient list, so that may be why I had trouble detecting them at all. I would not have guessed there were any flowers in this tea. I tested this tea with a friend who enjoys tea but who is not a tea fanatic. Friend loved this tea, both iced and hot. We tried it with and without a dribble of honey. Friend loved it all ways, and would give it four stars. I enjoyed it, too, though somewhat less than Friend.
If you appreciate subtlety, chances are you will love this tea as much as Friend does. I liked it enough that I'll look for this company's Four Red Fruits Flavoured Black Tea. I recommend this tea for your summer iced tea enjoyment served in a pitcher with strawberries and orange peels floating among the ice cubes.


teabird said...

The four red fruits tea sounds good to me -

bloglily said...

Thank you so much for this review. I've been wanting to try something lighter and more summery, something that's good iced and this sounds like it might be the thing.

Kathleen said...

I've enjoyed Twinings teas for years and completely took it fot granted. Now that I'm in Peru, I haven't found it, I'm craving it. Tastes of Summer sounds lovely. WAH. I'm on the search for Twinings of London.