Thursday, May 24, 2007

"Booking Through Thursday," II

(Moon Rani's reply)
"I had an idea for a BTT question when I was taking a peek at one of my bookcases yesterday and spotted my old copy of the Aeneid in Latin sitting there. Maybe this question has already been done—but if not… Do you have any foreign language books and if so can you (still) read them?"
What an interesting question. My books do not predate 2006 owing to some changes in my life. But before that, I had a few books in German, a language I studied for five and a half years, beginning in eighth grade. One was a collection of Rilke poetry. I don't recall the others. Like TeaBird, I'm sure I could still read the words, but I'm less sure I could actually make sense of them.

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Literary Feline said...

German would have been a fun language to learn. I loved how you could put a bunch of little words together so it looked like one very long word. I'm not sure why I just thought of that . . . LOL