Saturday, May 19, 2007

Sick reading

This is Moon Rani writing. I'm sick in bed with a virus. Know what I did two weeks ago? I was sick in bed with a virus. Monotonous, isn't it?
When I am sick enough, even books bring me no comfort because I lack concentration. But magazines are just the things for times such as these.
An especially lovely and cheerful magazine is "Birds and Blooms," which you can find at
It's chockful of beautiful color photos augmented by informative writing and bits of whimsy. It's perfect for times of illness or sadness or bad weather, or in happier times and just because you, too, love birds, gardens and flowers.
Some people go to amazing lengths in their backyards. I recall stories about miniature railroads and cottages and tropical gardens built in back yards. Some people combine artwork and gardening while others construct special back yards for their children or grandchildren.
There are gardening and birdwatching tips, plus many reader submissions from poetry to prose and photos. Be prepared for lots of photos of children in gardens.
I have one advantage when I read "Birds andBlooms," and that is I get the magazine free. A friend's father gives me his old copies. I even use them to help teach a developmentally-delayed child for whom I care.
If this publication is not at your local newstand or bookshop, request it there, or visit the pretty Website. In fact, visit the Website anyway because it's well kept, just like the gardens in the magazine.

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