Thursday, March 27, 2008

Reader's digest(ion)

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Novels and mystery novels that include recipes have been popular for some time. I purchased a few because the recipes sounded good, though I must admit to having been disappointed with the results most of the time. Still, I find it interesting.
Has you ever read anything that made you wish it included recipes or, better still, the food it told of? Have you read something with such rich and luscious descriptions of food that you wished you could dive in and have what you're reading? For me, this desire to eat what I read started with, of all things, blamange in Little Women. For some reason it sounded like the epitome of sweet comfort, and I longed to have it slide down my throat just as I read it did for the invalid for whom it was prepared. I imagined real vanilla richness and warmth even though I'd never heard of a blamange until I read that book as a child, and wasn't exactly sure what it was, at the time.
But sometimes the gap between what I imagined and how the food really tastes was terrific. One mystery novel featured recipes prepared in a low-fat, healthful way. I prepared them carefully according to instructions. But once I tried the dishes, I found myself thinking, "Well, I've had *worse* things in my mouth" - - but not by much.
Since then, I've become much better at tasting things in my mind. That helped me avoid a repeat.
Hmmm, the weather is frightful today. It might just be the time for a blamange...

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