Sunday, February 03, 2008

Cherry baby

The Republic of Tea makes a very nice Vanilla-Almond black tea. It's perfect after dinner, especially - - for some reason- - if the dinner was Chinese. Sweetened or not, this is is lovely "book tea" to be sipped while reading, too.
Here's what I do when I want variety: brew a cup of Vanilla Tea; warm two ounces or so of tart cherry juice (currently in vogue for its health benefits); add the juice to the piping hot tea and stir. If you love the taste of cherry vanilla, as I do, you will love this tea blend. This fits beautifully into a snowy day tea break; some teas just do that.
Side note: The Republic of Tea makes a vanilla bean-infused honey just for tea. If you tried it, be sure to post a comment. I would love to know if it tastes as good as I imagine.
Tart cherry juice also blends well with tisanes to make delightful and richly-colored iced drinks. Try it with a cherry- or berry-based tisane.
(submitted by Moon Rani)


teabird said...

mmmmmmmmmmmthis sounds wonderful!

Paula said...

ooooh that does sound really wonderful! Hey thanks for this Moon Rami, I will have to make that in a tisanne for tomorrow nights Chinese dinner!
I am going to go visit the Republic of Tea next to find this vanilla bean infused honey of which you speak! Mmmmm!