Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Winter Brunch

It was 1' F when I crawled out of the covers this morning. I takes a while for me to begin my day, but when I did, I made this out of odds and ends:
Winter French Toast
I tore apart seven or eight slices of very old, stale bread and scattered them in a nonstick pan, 9"x 13". I chopped two good-sized, elderly pears, skins and all, and strewed them across the bread. I grated about one quarter of a nutmeg onto the fruit. Then I beat four eggs with the last of the milk - - between ten and twelve ounces - - until it was pale and creamy yellow, and poured it over all. I baked it for about forty minutes at 425'F until it was golden brown and fragrant. Housemate and I ate it with smidgens of butter melting on top. There are leftovers for a weekday breakfast on the run, or for a brown-bag lunch. The Republic of Tea's Vanilla Almond would make a lovely accompaniment to this dish. Ordinarily we don't eat rich food, but once in a very great while, we splurge.

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