Thursday, February 21, 2008

Witty knitters!

Please take a moment to visit a new site, The Inside Loop. My dear friend, Diane, along with her friend, Kate, just launched this site. Although its aim is to provide greater resources for knitters in the U.K., knitters everywhere will enjoy seeing what they have to offer. Diane is a gifted knitter, spinner, designer and writer. You can be sure this won't be her only project.
You may also like to visit the site Diane and her mother have, Kurrajong Handcrafts. Heather, Diane's mother, lives on a farm in Australia, Diane's home until a year and a half ago. Heather raises alpacas; turns out, alpacas are pretty darned cute!


teabird said...

What great sites!

Paula said...

Awesome websites!