Monday, February 04, 2008

Tea-break time waster

Here is a little puzzle for your next tea break. It's very simple. You just fill in the words that go with the numbers. I give you the first letter of each word. The topic is classic children's literature. For example, if I said, "1,001 A N," the answer would be 1,001 Arabian Nights. The first ones are the easiest but none is difficult.
1. S W and the 7 D
2. G and the 3 B
3. A B and the 40 T
4. 3 B M
5. The 7 V of S the S
6. The 5 L P
7. 4 L W (or, 4 M S)
8. 4 B C
9. 2 pairs of B T
10. 4 B T M
If you want the answers, post a comment and I will email you.
(submitted by Moon Rani)


Melanie said...

You're right, they get harder! I'm stuck on the last few. Pleeeeeze send me the answers or it's going to drive me crazy! Thanks for the fun on my tea break :)

Paula said...

I looove this kind of puzzles!
I have the first 6 but the last ones are busting my brain.
But before you send me the answers please wait a day so I can try figure it out.